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Multipurpose Jambit® Wedges 12 Pack – DIY Solution

Now available in a convenient and ready to use 12 pack is our Multipurpose Jambit® timber wedges.

Our manufacturing partners are the largest supplier of kiln-dried wood wedges/shims into the USA, Europe and UK market. Made from renewable pine timber, uniquely processed and kiln-dried to create a wedge that snaps very cleanly, resists splitting and outperforms any other wedge or shim in the industry. These superior timber wedges are now available in Australia.

The manufacturing process and choice of timber have made the Multipurpose Jambit® wedges a tradies favourite.

Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Wedges with thin feathered tips
  • Easy to score and cut with a utility knife (no sawing required)
  • Consistent and dependable quality
  • Time saving and reduces cost
  • WHS compliant, promotes a safer workplace
  • Resists splitting when nailed or screwed
  • Rot-resistant
  • Renewable timber from FSC management pine plantation
  • Biodegradable versus plastic shims

The primary users of our Jambit® wedges are building contractors, kitchen installers, cabinet makers and door & window installers.

Here are some common uses for our Jambit® wedges:

  • Door frames
  • Window frames
  • Cabinets
  • Built-in cupboards
  • Countertops
  • Kitchen Installations
  • Furniture Leveling
  • Shop Fits
  • Leveling key sections of subflooring or floorboards
  • Adjusting exterior decking boards to flatten the surface

Other uses for our Jambit® wedges:

  • Plumbing or levelling window frames during installation
  • Plumbing pre-hung door units
  • Eliminating squeaks out of interior flooring by inserting the shims between subflooring and joists from below
  • Controlling noise on staircases
  • Levelling and plumbing cabinets during installation
  • Load bearing spacers for wood flooring and decking, roofing timbers and rafters.
  • Serrated surfaces, non-slip performance.
  • DIY solution

Building Construction

Builders wedges have been used in the industry for decades, the amount of tasks that can be completed with the help of wooden wedge is amazing.

Window Framing

One of the most common uses of wedges is in window framing. Wedges will help you align and position window frames correctly.

Door Framing

Wood wedges are also used in door framing tasks. These are very helpful as well as easy to use.


There are hundreds of uses for timber wedges. In the construction industries as well as roofing, decking and everywhere else where you need to level your installation.

Don’t risk it!

Cutting wood wedges is a difficult and very dangerous process. Don’t risk cutting off your fingers. We offer convenient boxes of 20, 36, 48 and 60 wedges that will save you time and money.         

Our wedges are…

Great for environment

Renewable timber.  FSC management pine plantation.           

Save on time

Save time, energy and resources.

Safety First

Pre-cut timber Jambit® wedges are WHS compliant and promotes a safer workplace.


Convenient and ready to use 12 pack timber Jambit® wedges.

Our wedges come packaged in renewable cardboard & not plastic boxes which is consuming the building industry. We feel strongly about not adding to plastic pollution that is having a devastating impact on our marine life and ocean ecosystems as well as wildlife. We will continue to do our part by respecting the environment.

Your employees should be protected from harm by implementing safe work procedures and safe work practices making your employees your highest – priority in your workplace.

Make sure you remember  your MULTIPURPOSE JAMBIT WEDGES next time you visit  your local trade store.

Jambit Wedges Stockists

We are pleased to advise that JAMBIT WEDGES are now available for purchase at all Sunshine Coast MITRE 10 stores.

If your hardware store doesn’t carry our stock please ask your local store manager to order a few boxes of JAMBIT WEDGES so you can purchase them conveniently from your local trade store.

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