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What are timber wedges?

Wood wedges are thin, triangular blocks of wood used as spacers to make minor adjustments to the position of two adjacent objects. In window and door installation, they’re often used to make sure the jamb is square inside the rough opening of the house frame before fastening.

What are builders wedges use for?

Builders Wedges are used as load bearing spacers for wood flooring and decking, window and door casings, roofing timbers and rafters. Serrated surfaces, non-slip performance. Wood wedges are often used for leveling.

How do you use wooden wedges?

The most common construction use of timber wedges is to wedge window or door units in place within their framing during installation. After a door or window unit is placed into the opening, shims spaced at intervals around the frame are gently tapped into place with a hammer.


Recommended retail price for Jambit Wedges $24.00 plus GST per box of 100.

100 Timber Wedges

For use with door framing, window framing, building constructions and multipurpose.

The wedges can be used around the home for jobs like:

  • Door stoppers
  • Levelling up your furniture
  • Wood wedges for leveling
  • TV wall units
  • Bookcases
  • DIY purpose

Building Construction

Builders wedges have been used in the industry for decades, the amount of tasks that can be completed with the help of wooden wedge is amazing.

Window Framing

One of the most common uses of wedges is in window framing. Wedges will help you align and position window frames correctly.

Door Framing

Wood wedges are also used in door framing tasks. These are very helpful as well as easy to use.


There are hundreds of uses for timber wedges. In the construction industries as well as roofing, decking and everywhere else where you need to level your installation.

Don’t risk it!

Cutting wood wedges is a difficult and very dangerous process. Don’t risk cutting off your apprentice’s fingers. We offer a convenient box of 100 wedges that will save you time and money.

Like any commodity material supplied the cost of the wedges can be built into your project & charged to the customer/client.           

Our wedges are…

Great for environment

Wood is renewable and sustainable. Wood is better for the environment in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, air & water pollution, and other impacts.           

Save on time

No need to spend time cutting wedges. Purchase a box filled with 100 timber wedges and save on time.

Safety First

Every builder knows that cutting wedges is not only time consuming but also very dangerous. We usually ask an apprentice to cut them. This can have serious consequences.


How convenient is a box of wooden wedges ready to use? Have these boxes ready for your next job to save time and money.

Our wedges come packaged in renewable cardboard & not plastic boxes which is consuming the building industry. We feel strongly about not adding to plastic pollution that is having a devastating impact on our marine life and ocean ecosystems as well as wildlife. We will continue to do our part by respecting the environment.

The purchase price is simply added into the job materials cost like fixing nails or, timber mouldings. Therefore actually costing the builder zero dollars & a huge time saving. Work smarter & WHS compliant in your work place.

Your employees should be protected from harm by implementing safe work procedures and safe work practices making your employees your highest – priority in your workplace.

Make sure you remember  your JAMBIT WEDGES next time you visit  your local trade store.

Jambit Wedges Stockists

We are pleased to advise that JAMBIT WEDGES are now available for purchase at all Sunshine Coast MITRE 10 stores.

If your hardware store doesn’t carry our stock please ask your local store manager to order a few boxes of JAMBIT WEDGES so you can purchase them conveniently from your local trade store.

      All You Should Know About Builders Wedges

      There are times in building constructions when objects are improperly placed. These objects require adjustments, and this is where builders wedges come in handy. Builders wedges are cut from timber pieces and can come in various shapes and thicknesses. They can also be found placed inside the rough opening of the frames of our doors and windows.

      The cutting of the wedges is done by professional woodwork men who have acquired the specials skills required to successfully get the end product. These set of people have had lots of experience in this sector, enabling them to decipher the best kind of timber, the right shape, size, and thickness required. With this knowledge, the job becomes easier for them.

      A commonly cut size of wedges is a thin strip of the wood which is called shim. The shim is used for lighter jobs like filling in small gaps between objects and adjusting objects to a certain position in order to provide a better fit. Shims have several applications in different sectors. For instance, shims can be used in automobiles to adjust the space between two parts (e.g. controlling valve clearance by inserting the shim under bucket tappets). They are also frequently seen on electrical circuit boards and are used to protect the CPU during the installation of a heat sink. A mason uses shims to close the gap between smaller bricks and larger bricks. In the carpentry or construction sectors, these thin sized wedges also find a variety of applications.



      Uses of Builders wedges

      Builders wedges find their uses in numerous corners in a home, hence, the constant availability of the wedges in most homes. Some of the common applications of builders wedges include;

      • As load-bearing spacers for wood flooring and decking
      • Casings for windows and doors
      • Roofing timbers and rafters
      • Useful for serrated surfaces
      • Leveling
      • Squeaky timber stair cases to remove squeaks
      • Also has an excellent non-slip performance
      • Concrete pouring (peg up the plastic from falling back into trench. Keeps plastic out of the way until the concrete is poured)


      How to use wooden wedges

      For construction purposes, the most common use of builders wedges is to keep windows and doors firmly in place within their frames while undergoing installation. After placing a door and window in their frame, the wedges are then placed around the frame at a spaced interval and tapped into place gently with a hammer.

      Professionals advise people to buy the wedges instead of going through the stress of making their own wedges. The price of the wedges varies depending on the company offering the product and the number of wedges found in the box.

      Timber wedges have a wide application around the home, besides construction purposes. In fact, it is one of the multi-purpose materials that always come in handy in a building. Getting a box and keeping it in the store, attic or wherever is a smart idea. Here are some other uses of the wooden wedges around the home;

      • Building construction: For decades, builders wedges have been in use for building constructions. From adjusting levels, reducing squeaky noises and holding doors in place, you would never run out of options for the use of these amazing wedges.
      • Window frames: Wedges are frequently used to create the right alignment for window frames. Sometimes, when the windows are placed, they cannot stand on their own in their frames, especially during their installation. You will need to hold the windows to their frames with the help of the wedges.
      • Door frames: Just like windows, you also need to hold doors to their frames during their installation. This is when you can use the wooden wedge.
      • Multi-purposes: Some other constructions around the home like bookcases, TV wall units, cabinets, and furniture can use the help that timber builders wedges offer during their construction.


      Why do you need a good quality builders wedges?

      1. Eco-friendly: Good quality wood is safer for the environment. Where you would have problems like pollution and greenhouse emissions with other materials, wood is sustainable. Getting a good quality wood wedge from a reliable company helps you stay safe. You can also request for wooden wedges used at home if you will be making use of it in the home.
      2. Time-saving: the time required to find a good timber piece, get the knowledge and cut it up and trim it to form wood wedges can be saved by simply purchasing good quality timber wedges. These wedges are already made, and you can purchase them according to required specification and amount.
      3. Safety: The risk that can accompany cutting a wooden wedge without professional knowledge is too great to take. Why put your life at risk to display some DIY skills that have a high level of uncertainty? These already made wedges can simply be ordered and put to use, already finely cut. You will be saving time, energy and resources.
      4. Convenience: Your convenience is paramount. How convenient is placing an order, making payment and receiving exactly what you need? Exactly! You can enjoy this level of convenience when you get your wedges from us.

      Need to buy high-quality builders wedges? LDG Designs wedges are open for business. Our focus is on producing high-quality materials. With our constant growth and improvement have come our customer’s trust.

      Our goal to share knowledge and develop quality products for the building industry keeps us constantly on our toes, creating magic.

      Quality products, competitive rates, and your guaranteed satisfaction are some of the things you stand to gain from us. You can reach out to us today by calling 0417 501742 to make your orders or askany your questions you might have.

      We eagerly await your call. Reach out to us today, and we promise to make every part of it worth it.


      "I have known the owner of LDG Danny & his team for several decades now and I can say that his craftsmanship, unique design & quality workmanship is of the highest quality ever time no matter what size job is put in front of him. Our Company Base Realtors has been very proud to be selling his products now for many years and l for one can say his properties are highly sought after and buyers and neighbours immediately sing his praises."

      Ron Davey, Director, BASE Realtors

      "I have great pleasure in providing a testimonial for LDG Constructions. We have now used LDGs services (Danny and his team) for 2 years for various projects and I have always found them to be an outstanding company. Their Workmanship is excellent, their costs are attractive and most of all, their customer service is supreme. I / we rely on people and services who are reliable, who show up when they say they will, who do not let you down – Danny and LDG are that team.
      I highly recommend LDG to anyone seeking the services of a talented team driven by high quality workmanship and ethical conduct."

      John Gabrielson, CEO – Katie Rose Cottage Hospice

      'THESE JAMBIT WEDGES, they are the real deal we are so pleased that we purchased ten boxes. As all our chippys love using them talk about so convenient, saving our boys tons of time & we now not have to spend hours cutting up our own. NOT to mention the safety aspect ( WHS ) work place compliant. We have now protected our staff from the very hazardous job of cutting our own onsite."

      Kara C

      "The JAMBIT WEDGES have so many uses around our new home builds & they are great for the environment being timber & they save us construction time which saves us MONEY , we just love the new JAMBIT WEDGES. Highly recommended for anyone in the building trade."

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