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Watch Below…Door Jamb Installation in Under 5 Minutes – Time Lapse Video.

Watch the short video below and learn how easy it is to use the Jambit Installer.


Introducing The
Jambit Installer

Revolutionising The Building Industry

The Jambit Installer a revolutionary solution to an age-old problem.

Hugely significant time savings (New method 5X faster than the current method)

Eliminating complexity & simplifying the overall process required to perform the task

Perfect and consistent results every time

Less effort with increased output


How this product is going to change lives?

  • Eliminate the complexity and skill level required to perform the task.
  • An apprentice or non tradesperson can use this simple tool quickly, accurately every time.
  • Simple easy process.
  • Save time, money and effort even in the most difficult installation and building situations.
  • Using this system, an installer is likely to cut the total time taken for such an installation a fraction of that required for conventional installation methods and techniques.
  • Can be used by a single person easily. 
  • Improves quality and accuracy with consistent results every time, even if walls and floors are uneven or or out of plumb.
  • It will make incorrect installation of doors a thing of the past.
  • Security of door improvement, proper door and lock engagement with door jamb.
  • Simplify the task and reduce the process steps.
  • Lightweight frame for easy maneuverability. 
  • Increase safety and reduce installation hazards.
  • Tradies/builders
  • Lower skilled operators
  • Unskilled
  • Door Manufacturers
  • DIY persons
  • Hardware Merchants
  • “THE BLOCK” (Australian TV series) contestants
  • Fix out carpenters

How to use it?

To use the Jambit Installer all you need to have is:

  • A Fixing nail gun
  • A Small level
  • A Box of Jambit Wedges (supplied with every purchase)
  • An Impact drill

Door frames installed under 5 minutes!!!


Perfect gap around the door every time

Using the Jambit Installer creates the perfect gap around the door every time, making the need to plane down the door obsolete.

Jambit Installer


The Jambit Installer comes standard to suit 820mm wide doors (as this is the most common size doors used in new homes)

You can also order extra mid-rails to suit any size door:

  • 1020mm
  • 920mm
  • 770mm
  • 720mm
  • 620mm

Our range will expand to suit double door installations as in robe doors using this exact same system. Huge market potential for global growth over the long term.

If you are a builder or carpenter this new Jambit Installer is a must have tool.

Pre-orders are welcome and recommended.

The Problem


Installation of door & window frames is awkward & time consuming

The installation of door and window frames is both awkward and time consuming, ideally requiring a skilled fitter, who is experienced in the trade.

It is not uncommon to find, even in new builds, that floors and walls are not built consistently plumb nor square, making installation doubly difficult.


Lost time & the necessity for remedial work

The issue of inconsistent levels and inaccuratly  squared corners can have a significant impact on the quality of door and window installations; This can then lead to increases in cost, due to lost time and the necessity for remedial work. For a builder who may be fitting multiple sets of doors and window frames in a house or housing development, this can present a serious budgeting problem.


Pre-built frames can also present problems

In an attempt to reduce costs, door and window frames can also be supplied pre-built; even so, these pre-built frames can also present problems of their own as they are often supplied warped or twisted, negating any perceived benefit.


The process is time consuming and frequently leads to frames or jambs that are out of wind

Current practices when installing door and window frames or jambs dictate that most often, the installation is effectively a one-off, bespoke fitting where the door or window apertures are first measured, then jamb sections are cut to size and are then individually fitted to the door frame; this process is time consuming and frequently leads to frames or jambs that are out of wind, leading to a door that is either not parallel or that needs trimming in order to get it to fit into the jamb.

This is a common occurrence and results in considerable loss of time and poor production levels not to mention considerable inconvenience to the homeowner. In some cases, doors can be so badly fitted that they will not open or close correctly.


Negative effect on the operation of doors & windows

Incorrect installation of door and window frames has a negative effect on the operation of doors and windows, for example: difficult operation of doors and windows through poor fitting can cause a stiff and even jammed door or windows; this is not only undesirable or inconvenient, it can present a safety hazard in some cases. Security is another common issue, where door or window locks cannot engage correctly, leaving a door or windows either permanently shut or permanently open, neither of which is desirable. Noise and increased energy consumption are additional, significant issues arising from poorly fitted doors or windows.

Our Solution, 100% Aussie invention, born & raised on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.


This invention is a quick-fit, quick-apply and quick-release mechanism designed to address the issues arising from alternative jamb installation methods, such as the completely manual measure and cut to fit or, the use of a pre-made jamb frame.

With our solution, none of the above-mentioned issues present a problem. Our solution to the problem is to use a frame/jig as a means to first: present a jamb or frame to a door frame and secondly, to facilitate a rapid installation of a plumb, level and flush door jamb, one that is fitted with accuracy and speed that was previously unheard of. The result of installing a door jamb with our solution is not only the saving of time and money at time of installation, but also the saving of time later by removing the need for rework.


Our system effectively de-skills the process and frees up an experienced tradesperson or installer to do other work or to complete more door jamb installations in any given period of time. This is unprecedented, a worldwide first and will revolutionise the building industry with potential global sales.

The time saved by using our solution on a large project is significant as each jamb installation will be completed and accurately fitted in a fraction of the time needed previously.


Using our solution means when you present the Jamb or frame components to the Jambit Installer Frame, they will be parallel and square, both sides of the jamb stiles can be plumbed rapidly, and the top rail can be levelled in seconds.

In addition to this, all three jamb sections can be fitted flush to the face of the Gyprock/dry-wall surface with almost no effort at all.


This assembly-installation-removal process has a significant impact on installation time and on the quality and integrity of the finished work.

Accuracy, manageability and repeatability are all increased from the very first installation. Using this system, a skilled installer is likely to cut the total time taken for such an installation to a fraction of that required for conventional installation methods and techniques.


The Quick-Connect bracketing system provides a means of attaching structural members to one another in a way that is exceptionally fast.

Simply un-click the bracket to change the mid-rails to whatever size doors you wish to install. The resulting frame is both rigid and lightweight; it offers a way to assemble an entire door frame or to be assembled quickly, handled easily by one person and presented to the corresponding aperture in the shortest possible time, in the most accurate of ways and in a safe fashion. The precision with which an installation can be done in such a short time period is unprecedented.


Our clever alignment jigs.

The Designed and Engineered Jambit Jigs suits multiple sized door Jambs. They Align the Jambit Installer to the centre of the Jamb. Specially Designed Alignment Jigs make Installing the frame to the Timber Jamb a breeze. These Jigs suit most size door jambs used in today’s new Homes.