Product Development


The three things you need for a successful product:

A product that solves a REAL problem for a particular customer


A proven channel or several channels to market your product

A price point with built-in margins that customers are willing to pay for

Common questions answered…

What steps are involved in the product development process?

We have defined six steps in the development process. You can find more information about these steps on the tabs below.

  1. Defining the Project Scope
  2. Concept Generation
  3. Design Development
  4. Prototyping & Testing
  5. Design for Manufacture
  6. Manufacturing & Supply Chain
How much does it cost to develop a product?

It depends on the complexity of the product idea; it could be a relatively simple part or a product with multiple moving parts.

You will need capital investment to develop any idea but there are incremental steps you can take to progress your idea if funds are limited.

Do I need a prototype?

Yes, but more importantly, what type of prototype do you need?

There are many forms of prototyping, but it depends on the purpose of the prototype, such as:

  • Basic Concept
  • Explore aesthetic shape, form and size
  • Proof of principle design
  • Working and functional model
Who do we work with?

The top three people we work with:

  • People who have an idea for a product but have no idea of its true market potential.
  • People who believe in their idea and aren’t sure about the most effective way to turn it into a source of profit.
  • People who are ready to take action but don’t know how to get their product idea manufactured and ready for market effectively.

Our Services

LDG Designs can help you turn Your Inventions, and Your Ideas into saleable items. Whether you have a very basic ‘idea’ or a well-developed concept, we can help you get Your Project off the ground.



  • Engineering Simulation
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Engineering Documentation
  • Endurance and cycle testing


We understand the importance and value of your idea and its potential Intellectual Property. Please let us know if you would like us to prepare a Non-Disclosure Agreement before we talk.

We can help you:

  • Develop new and novel ideas
  • Design for potential Intellectual Property
  • Navigate the patent system and process.

Product Design

  • Concept Generation
  • Sketch Concepts
  • Design Development
  • Product Styling
  • High-definition 3D CAD
  • Photo-realistic computer renderings


  • FDM 3D Printing
  • CNC Machined parts
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Model making

Manufacturing & Implementation

  • Assembly
  • Quality control
  • Tool trial management

The steps we take…



Defining the Project Scope

Why defining the project scope is an important step to consider

  • We help you identify who your ideal customer is
  • Identifying a real-world need for the product in the market
  • Identify economics of the idea (estimated cost prices, tooling, shipping, margins and so-on, so that you know whether the idea will be profitable
  • Set goals for what the product must achieve in order to succeed


Concept Generation

We will help you every step of the way through the creation of the concept

  • Based on what the product must do, its functions and features, we create concepts for what the product could look and perform
  • Each concept is analysed for what works and what doesn’t work, this information is then used to create new options
  • A decision is then made as to which concept best satisfies the project goals and a starting point is defined for further development


Design Development

We specialise in design development

  • This point is where the chosen concept is developed further, into something that resembles what it would look like as a production item
  • We start to think about materials and design for manufacturing as this affects the overall design and assembly of the product
  • By the end of this phase we are ready to test the product in order to make sure it achieves the project goals


Prototyping & Testing

We will assist in a development & testing of the prototype

  • Now that Design Development is completed, it’s time to validate the product performs in the real world
  • This is where we create full scale working prototypes to test the performance and mechanical function of the design
  • Based on the results of testing, we make changes and incrementally improve the design so that it performs at a higher level, this repeats until the product is performing perfectly


Design for Manufacture

Designs created specifically for  Manufacturing

  • Once we are satisfied with the way the product is performing, it is time to create the necessary documentation so that the product can be easily manufactured
  • Any last-minute changes are made to the design so that it can be produced in the simplest and most effective manner
  • This is where 3D parts, assemblies and drawings are created to instruct the manufacturer on exactly how to build the product to specification


Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Supply chain completion & production

  • Once all drawings and files are created, we then find the most suitable manufacturing partner for your projects needs
  • We will manage tooling and setup and we will oversee the entire process until your first production units are made
  • We can arrange the creation of your packaging and organise logistics so that you receive your product in box, delivered to your door

Product Development by LDG DESIGNS

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