Competition Start Date: 1st September 2021  |  Drawn on 31st August 2022

Please refer to the competition Terms and Conditions.

The rules of the competition and how to enter are as follows:

  • Like our competition post on our Facebook Page and then click on the link provided within the post to register.
  • Download the ‘Competition Entry Form’.
  • Complete the entry form by filling out all the required information for each door jamb installation for either 25 or 40 completed and verified door jamb installations.
  • Refer to the website www.ldgdesigns.com.au/products/jambit-installer-sale/ for correct use of the Jambit Installer and installation of timber door jambs using the Jambit Installer process.
  • Door jamb installation commences, and time starts when you start to fit the timber jambs to the Jambit Installer frame.
  • Door jamb installation is completed, and time stops when the Jambit Installer is removed from the jamb installation and the jamb is checked for straight and plumb. Time stops.
  • The entrant must record the total time (minutes and seconds) for each door jamb installation.
  • Travel time between sites and installations is not included in the total time period for each installation.
  • The entrant must provide the site address, the location where the door jambs are installed.
  • The entrant must provide (Video) evidence of any two of your Jambit Installer installations, preferably your fastest times included.
  • Must provide a witness signature to verify the legitimacy for each installation.
  • All installations must be completed by only the entrant and without assistance.
  • Timber jambs can be pre-cut before the start of each door jamb installation process. Any size door jambs and pre-hung door jambs are acceptable.

Competition Entry Form

Image of Competition Entry Form

Competition Verification Process:

  • Email your completed form to info@ldgdesigns.com.au for competition verification along with your (Video) evidence of any two of your Jambit Installer installations from start to finish, preferably your fastest times included.
  • All prizes are drawn  on the 31st August 2022.