Dangers Of Cutting Your Own Wood Wedge

Timber Wedges

Timber wedges are some of the most simple but versatile materials in the wood world. They have been existing in the construction & building industries for a long time. With their versatility, you can easily tell why they are not going out of style anytime soon.

They are cut from a piece of timber, and some of their popular uses include;

  • Giving leverage to surfaces like tables, machines, ladders and cabinets.
  • Filling holes
  • Adjusting levels
  • Spacing items
  • Holding items in place; for instance, window and door frames can be held in place by wooden wedges while they are being fastened permanently
  • Supporting other materials; for instance, the handles of axes, hammers, and other tools are held in place by wood wedges.
  • Thicker wedges can keep doors in place and be placed behind car tyres to prevent them from rolling.
  • Removing the squeaky sounds from interior floors; by inserting thin wood wedges (known as shims) between the subfloors and the joists, you can eliminate this sound.
  • Squeaky timber stair cases to remove squeaks
  • Concrete pouring (peg up the plastic from falling back into trench. Keeps plastic out of the way until the concrete is poured)
  • Lots more

With the numerous uses, there is always the temptation for homeowners or wooden wedges DIY practitioners to want to cut the wood wedges themselves.


We do not support DIY wood wedge cutting

As professionals, we do not support DIY wood wedge cutting as the process can be extremely dangerous, subjecting the practitioner to the risk of sustaining fatal injuries and even losing a body part.

Usually, every professional knows the importance of a jig when cutting wood wedges. A jig is simply a device with the function of holding a piece of work and guiding the tool that is operating on the piece of work. It is custom-made and is tailored to suit the user depending on some factors like the amount of work to be done, and the size of the wood wedge to be cut off. Jigs are used to hold down knife sharpening tools, drills, jewellery, and in this case, wood wedges. The jig will make for safe and easy cuts by a table saw.

dont risk cutting wooden timber wedges

Used to peg up the black plastic from falling back into trench. Keeps plastic out of the way until the concrete is poured.

Why do we advise against cutting wood wedges individually?

Are there some lurking dangers involved? First off, there are always risks involved when performing handwork services, and only professionals have received the training required to prevent, and in inevitable cases of dangers, maximise losses incurred by such risks.

Here are some of the dangers attached to making your own wood wedges without having professional knowledge on how to cut wood wedges;

1. Risk of cutting yourself

If the right amount of pressure is not attached to the saw used in cutting the wedges, then the cutter might lose some skin in the process. The pressure should be neither too little nor too much, and to know the exact amount of pressure required, proper training is needed. Other factors like the position of the saw while cutting, the position of the cutter and the position of the jig must also be put into consideration. Basically, without experience and skills, the risk of getting hurt is heightened.

2. Getting the wrong results

A successful timber wedge has the right shape, size and thickness. How do you know the exact dimensions to use in this procedure without prior knowledge? Basically, if you do not have the experience and skills required to cut the wedges, you will end up with the wrong dimensions, and since this will not serve its intended purpose, you would have wasted time and resources, and possibly hurt yourself in the process.

3. Waste of resources

Cutting wood wedges by yourself seems like the very right thing to do for most people in order to save money. They do this with the belief of just buying the wood and getting a jigsaw, and then they will get the desired result. Well, this is not always so. You might end up wasting your wood, time and money and not achieve the desired results. This is why we advise people to save time and resources by purchasing a box of conveniently pre-cut timber wedges.

For packing up wall frames where you have dips in the concrete slab. Keeps the top plates straight.

What Should You Do?

If you don’t know how to cut wood wedges, get a professional to cut your wood wedges for you. Better still, you can purchase already cut wood wedges which are sold by a lot of design companies like LDG Designs. In addition to having the right skills, a professional has a lot of experience which will certainly come in handy in the course of this process.

Here are some benefits of purchasing an already made wood wedge;

  • The use of quality products:

Low-quality wedges will chop and chaff in no time. You must put the quality of the wood in use into consideration. Good quality of wood will serve its purpose with durability, and it is the job of a professional to determine the best wood types to use. Also, a professional will use quality materials (the suitable saw, nails, hammers and other materials required). There will always be a notable difference between a piece of work cut from low-quality materials and the ones cut from high-quality materials.

  • Quick, efficient services

The time spent in watching DIY videos, deciding the exact dimensions required and trying to ‘figure’ things out by a novice can be put into good use by a professional. From past experiences, a professional only needs a few minutes to determine what is needed and immediately get to work. If you need your wedges urgently, then skip the wooden wedges DIY and purchase the required amount of already made wedges, as this will save a lot of time.

  • Safety is guaranteed

The chances of professionals having accidents during the cutting process are very low. The experience and skills they have up their sleeves prevent careless accidents from happening. When you purchase already made wood wedges, you can be assured of the safety of you and your property.

Wood wedges are very important around the home. Our experts at LDG Designs have been professionally cutting wood wedges and developing quality products for decades. We design, manufacture and give out only the finest quality.

Reach out now to get your finely cut and packaged wood wedges. All you need do is buy now or call, and we will be there to take your orders and answer your questions. Your satisfaction is our priority.