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Whether you’re after a single frame for yourself or multiple frames for your business, our team at LDG Designs will try their best to deliver your Jambit Installer to you, wherever you are in Australia. We ship to homes and businesses far and wide.


$100 Shipping Australia For the Jambit Installer and/or Mid Rails

Free Delivery Australia Wide for Jambit Installers

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General FAQ

Does the Jambit Installer accommodate different size doors widths?

Yes, we offer a range of mid rails to suit most common door sizes. The sizes range from 620mm, 720mm, 770mm, 920mm and 1020mm.

Does the Jambit Installer accommodate different size door heights?

Yes, we offer a set of Long Frame Sides for 2340mm door heights.

Does the Jambit Installer accommodate pre hung doors and jambs?

Yes, the frame is made to suit various door sizes.

Fitting the Jamb to the frame

What are the alignment guides used for?

Coming soon

Can I use different size jambs with the frame?

Coming soon

Do I need to use Jambit timber wedges with the Jambit Installer?

The jambit timber wedges work best with the frame, providing a consistently square look and finish every time.

Technical Specification

Jambit Installer:

Standard Frame Size – Made to suit doors 820mm x 2040mm


  • Weight: Standard Frame 5kg
  • Material: Aluminium , POM Plastic

Standard Warranty

Jambit Installer Warranty

LDG Designs warrants that the Jambit Installer is free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 12 months from the date of retail purchase.

Any claim for breach of this warranty must be made on the following conditions:

  • The defects have arisen solely from faulty materials or workmanship;
  • The Jambit Installer must not have been changed, nor tampered with in any way;
  • The Jambit Installer must have been maintained as per the Jambit Installer Care and Maintenance instructions.
  • The defects have not arisen as a result of the Jambit Installer being left outdoors in direct contact with the elements or sunlight.
  • Failure of the Jambit Installer must not be due to misuse, improper installation or other maltreatment, interference or abuse including, but not limited to, use in a manner contrary to our specifications or instructions;
  • The Jambit Installer must not be dropped, bent, twisted or distorted during assembly, installation and in use.
  • The Jambit Installer must be maintained and
  • The Jambit Installer must be returned directly to the supplier;
  • LDG Designs will not be responsible for damage or loss caused during or as a result of shipping; and
  • Subject to the above conditions of warranty, if the Jambit Installer fails for any reason within the warranty period and the Jambit Installer is returned to us, LDG Designs will at its discretion repair, replace or cause to be repaired or replaced, the Jambit Installer free of charge at its expense.
  • LDG Designs warranty is voided if the Jambit Installer is used for other than intended purpose.